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Denver Plastics Case Studies index

Case Studies (Index)

A few examples of ways that Denver Plastics used creative problem-solving and expertise in engineering, design and manufacturing to meet a client's specific needs.

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Case Study 01:
Oil Jet Semi-automated Assembly and Checking Machine for Precision Automotive Engine Parts

Case Study 02:
Insert Molding Developed Plastic Over Metal Molded Products for Noise Reduction in Van Seating

Case Study 03:
Sonic Display Housing Worked with Customer to Develop, Build, and Produce Housings Assemblies

Case Study 04:
Gas-assist with Elastomeric Over-mold for Weed Trimmer Application

Case Study 05:
  Metal Stamp Four-part Assembly Reduced to One Composite Insert Molded Part

Case Study 06:
Two-Shot Molding Financial Commitment to Purchase Two-shot Machines for Consumer Product Application

Case Study 07:
Oil Jet Phase 2 Robotic Assembly Machine to Eliminate Labor and Improve Product Reliability

Case Study 08:
EMI Shielding Medical Equipment Mold and Paint EMI Shield

Case Study 09:
Air Filter Developed Molded Air Filter for Medical Application

Case Study 10:
Rigid Flow-Through Tube Application Utilizing Gas-Assist Technology

Case Study 11:
HVE Dental Tube, Utilizing Over-Molding and Two-Shot Molding

Case Study 12:
iPod Touch Case, Utilizing Two-Shot Molding

These are just a few of the business sectors that we service!

Cycle Industry Cycle Industry
Cycle Industry Cycle Industry
Cycle Industry Cycle Industry
Cycle Industry Cycle Industry
At Denver Plastics, additional capabilities include custom decorating, product assembly and full packaging with on-time delivery. We're bringing the future of plastics manufacturing to you today. With all we have to offer, shouldn't we be working with you? Call us today!

Leading Edge Technology

At Denver Plastics, combining leading edge production with superior customer service is a corporate philosophy we strive for everyday. From start to finish, from operators to plant supervisors, everyone participates in quality. This is demonstrated by our ISO 9001-2015 certification. We also are building partnerships with our suppliers for continuous improvements. At Denver Plastics, we provide innovative solutions for your injection molding needs.

Large Tonnage Capacity

Great ideas come in all shapes and sizes. Denver Plastics full complement of machinery enables us to produce products from one ounce to 24 pounds. Our machines range from 77 ton to 2200 tons.

ISO 9002 Certification

See our ISO Certification page for a look at any of our companies' ISO certificates and to learn what they mean for you and your product.

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