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Vertical Injection Molding

Space-saving Vertical Injection Machines are available at Denver Plastics. In addition to Horizontal Injection Molding machines, which have been widely used since the mid-1980s, Denver Plastics also utilizes Vertical Injection molding machines.

Vertical Insert Advantages:

  • Space Saving - Vertical injection molding machinery takes up half the space compared to horizontal machines used for the same functions.
  • Vertical injection molding machines allow for insert or plastic-metal combined component molding.
  • Gravity dislocation is eliminated due to the vertical injection machine mold alignment. Molds are aligned and supported in the vertical machine with more durability.
  • Vertical clamp units are versatile and accommodate attachments.
  • Automatic operation is ideal for the vertical clamp injection molding machinery without the use of an attendant.
  • A wide selection of the vertical clamp unit options also makes it appealing.

Leading Edge Technology

At Denver Plastics, combining leading edge production with superior customer service is a corporate philosophy we strive for everyday. From start to finish, from operators to plant supervisors, everyone participates in quality. This is demonstrated by our ISO 9001-2015 certification. We also are building partnerships with our suppliers for continuous improvements. At Denver Plastics, we provide innovative solutions for your injection molding needs.

Large Tonnage Capacity

Great ideas come in all shapes and sizes. Denver Plastics full complement of machinery enables us to produce products from one ounce to 24 pounds. Our machines range from 77 ton to 2200 tons.

ISO 9002 Certification

See our ISO Certification page for a look at any of our companies' ISO certificates and to learn what they mean for you and your product.

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